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General Discussion /
« on: March 21, 2018, 10:26:51 PM »
Hi all,
Just a quick little insight to a VA of my own that I have created called

Here at we take pride in operating flights to holiday destinations over Europe and a lot of islands around the world. We are a low-cost family airline looking to provide an excellent service. Here at this virtual organisation we will be operating flights in the Boeing 737-700, 900, 757-200 and 767-300ER. We are currently based at Humberside EGNJ, Shannon EINN, London Southend EGMC and Inverness EGPE and using our Smart Cars ACARS system hope to deliever you a great Virtual Airline experience. We have recently been officially added to the Aerosoft Virtual Airline Program where you can earn discount codes for certain Aerosoft products by flying for us . Feel free to join our Discord server at the top of the page where all pilots are welcome to talk with each other. We hope you will your enjoy your time as a pilot at and we wish you a pleasant journey. CEO Matthew Bradley

Thanks for reading and it would be great if you could join!
EXS281 Matthew Bradley COO

Announcements / New Baltic VFR Flights
« on: March 20, 2018, 08:19:16 PM »
Hi all,
Hope you are all having a great time.
The latest section of the VFR Flying Club World Tour has been released for you to fly. This section starts in Vitebsk in Belarus (where the last section ended) then through all of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia stopping off in Villnius and Riga long the way, finally finishing in Tallin.
I hope you enjoy these new flights!
EXS281 Matthew Bradley
Flying Club Director
Charter Director

General Discussion / What would you like us to add to Jet2Virtual?
« on: February 20, 2018, 03:35:37 PM »
Hi all,
We are currently going through some changes regarding the staff team (more on that to come on that at a later date), now this has happened we were wondering what you as pilots would like to add to the Virtual Airline. The kind of thing you wish we had but we don't at the moment. If you have any ideas reply to this post and I will add it to the poll, however I do ask that we try to keep the ideas to realistic things and not too substantial and not things that would really effect the running of the Jet2 side of the VA. I have left some ideas above and the one that has the most votes (if it is possible to do) then it will be added and used within the VA.
Thanks for all your working getting the VA to where it is now!
EXS281 Matthew Bradley
Chief Operations Officer

Announcements / New Winter/Festive Charter Flights
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:34:57 PM »
Hi all,
Here is the list of the new Jet2Virtual Charter flights for Winter 2017/18. There is one from each base and there is a variety of length and aircraft used so lots of different options for you to choose from.

EXS2799   Leeds   EGNM   Oulu   EFOU   757-200   G-LSAA
EXS2800   Oulu   EFOU   Leeds   EGNM      
EXS2801   Manchester   EGCC   Kittila   EFKT   757-200   G-LSAB
EXS2802   Kittila   EFKT   Machester   EGCC      
EXS2803   East Midlands   EGNX   Trondheim   ENVA   737-300   G-CELE
EXS2804   Trondheim   ENVA   East Midlands   EGNX      
EXS2805   Newcastle   EGNT   Svalbard   ENSB   737-800   G-DRTA
EXS2806   Svalbard   ENSB   Newcastle   EGNT      
EXS2807   Edinburgh   EGPH   Chambery   LFLB   737-300   G-CELH
EXS2808   Chambery   LFLB   Edinburgh   EGPH      
EXS2809   Stanstead   EGSS   Kiruna   ESNQ   737-800   G-JZHK
EXS2810   Kiruna   ESNQ   Stanstead   EGSS      
EXS2811   Birmingham   EGBB   Tallin   EETN   737-800   G-JZHO
EXS2812   Tallin   EETN   Birmingham   EGBB      
EXS2813   Belfast   EGAA   Akureyri   BIAR   737-300   G-CELV
EXS2814   Akureyri   BIAR   Belfast   EGAA      
EXS2815   Glasgow   EGPF   Turin   LIMF   737-800   G-JZHZ
EXS2816   Turin   LIMF   Glasgow   EGPF      
Hope you enjoy these routes.
EXS281 Matthew Bradley
Flying Club Director
Charter Director

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: April 22, 2017, 05:08:13 PM »
Nice to meet you Ian, Hope you enjoy flying for Jet2 Virtual.
EXS281 Matthew Bradley FCD

The Bar / Re: Any good screenshots, put them up here!
« on: February 03, 2017, 04:33:07 PM »
Hi Karl just to let you know there is a picture gallery in resources where you can post pictures now you no longer need to put them in the forum. Also in the gallery pictures get recorded ( amount of views) and pilots can rate them too.

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: December 01, 2016, 11:19:43 AM »
Hi Connor it is great to have you here at Jet2 Virtual, I hope you will enjoy flying for the VA 😃✈️
EXS281 Matthew Bradley
Flying Club Coordinator

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