Author Topic: Aerosoft & UK2000 Products 20% Discount Available to All Active Pilots!  (Read 232 times)

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Dear Pilots,

I have decided to allow all active pilots to request Aerosoft Discount Codes, or the UK2000 Code for the rest of the summer! (It get's you 20% off of their products!!) Mainly as a thankyou to all of you who fly regularly and wish to add scenery or aircraft, as well as flight planners to make your sim experience better!

We are so so close to reaching 400 Pilots, that's a mind blowing number of people who enjoy our VA... and Jet2!

You have LOADS to chose from, check out this list:

- Twin Otter Extended
- Professional Flight Planner X
- FS Flight Keeper
- FSMap
- Thessaloniki X
- Mega Airport Oslo
- Maastricht Aachen Airport
- Mega Airport Dublin
- Airbus A318/A319
- Airbus A320/A321
- Airbus A318/A319 & A320/A321 Bundle
- Mega Airport Rome
- Mega Airport Zurich v2
- SimStarter NG
- Aspen Extended
- Valencia X
- Mega Airport Frankfurt V2
- NavDataPro Charts (year account)

as well as a code for any UK2000 Products!

If you want a code for any of these, post a reply below!

Thanks for all your dedication to!

Ellis Martin,
Ellis Martin
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