Author Topic: New Winter/Festive Charter Flights  (Read 424 times)

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New Winter/Festive Charter Flights
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:34:57 PM »
Hi all,
Here is the list of the new Jet2Virtual Charter flights for Winter 2017/18. There is one from each base and there is a variety of length and aircraft used so lots of different options for you to choose from.

EXS2799   Leeds   EGNM   Oulu   EFOU   757-200   G-LSAA
EXS2800   Oulu   EFOU   Leeds   EGNM      
EXS2801   Manchester   EGCC   Kittila   EFKT   757-200   G-LSAB
EXS2802   Kittila   EFKT   Machester   EGCC      
EXS2803   East Midlands   EGNX   Trondheim   ENVA   737-300   G-CELE
EXS2804   Trondheim   ENVA   East Midlands   EGNX      
EXS2805   Newcastle   EGNT   Svalbard   ENSB   737-800   G-DRTA
EXS2806   Svalbard   ENSB   Newcastle   EGNT      
EXS2807   Edinburgh   EGPH   Chambery   LFLB   737-300   G-CELH
EXS2808   Chambery   LFLB   Edinburgh   EGPH      
EXS2809   Stanstead   EGSS   Kiruna   ESNQ   737-800   G-JZHK
EXS2810   Kiruna   ESNQ   Stanstead   EGSS      
EXS2811   Birmingham   EGBB   Tallin   EETN   737-800   G-JZHO
EXS2812   Tallin   EETN   Birmingham   EGBB      
EXS2813   Belfast   EGAA   Akureyri   BIAR   737-300   G-CELV
EXS2814   Akureyri   BIAR   Belfast   EGAA      
EXS2815   Glasgow   EGPF   Turin   LIMF   737-800   G-JZHZ
EXS2816   Turin   LIMF   Glasgow   EGPF      
Hope you enjoy these routes.
EXS281 Matthew Bradley
Flying Club Director
Charter Director