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Virtual Airline TeamSpeak/Communication Rules
« on: November 19, 2016, 08:22:29 PM »
Dear Pilots and Staff,

I would just like to remind you all of some of the very few rules we have in place at regarding communication, both voice and text on platforms such as TeamSpeak or any othe platform that allows members to communicate to eachother.

When joining TeamSpeak:
You will be automatically placed into the ‘Guests’ section. A staff member will add you
to the relevant area.

When using the TeamSpeak server, which has been given to you all as a free and easy communication tool you are expected to be extremely careful with what you say and how you say it.

There rules apply at all times (no exceptions!)
- Come with a positive attitude towards all virtual airlines that use the server
- Come with a positive attitude towards everyone on the server
- Profanity should be kept to an absolute minimum
- Treat other how you want to be treated
- Treat everyone with respect, especially staff
- No racist or homophobic comments are to be made (if such do occur this can and will lead to an automatic ban)
- Only staff members can become channel commanders and priority speakers - this applies to highest ranking staff member present

If you are warned more than 3 times about bad language (profanity), attitude or anything else a staff members sees fit you will be kicked. If this behaviour continues you will be banned from the server all together and possibly the Virtual Airline.

There is specific areas within TeamSpeak for specific people.
Under the Jet2Virtual tab (only for our use) is Staff Room, Pilot Room and and Training Room.

- Staff are able to use any chat room if they so desire depending on what is going on.
- Members are to use the Pilot Room at all times (unless Training)
- The Training Room is only to be used when Pilots undergo training which they have asked for with a member of staff.

I also advise that Pilots, and Staff especially take a look at the Operations Policy which can be found in the downloads section. I will make an update to the Operations Policy within the coming days.



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